Grad Photos: A Guide for Parents

I Love Grad Season!

As graduation season approaches, I can’t help but feel the excitement as bookings begin to appear on the calendar!

However, I’ll be the first to admit that coaxing teenagers into cooperating for photos can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, with a few tricks and my photography style, I’m able to sidestep awkwardness, encourage engagement, embrace mood swings and roll with their current attitude while parents can relax in a parked car or sip a coffee, away from the action!

I bet you’re curious about what’s involved? To get started with preparations for a photoshoot, I’ll share some answers to frequently asked questions about my Grad Sessions to satisfy curiosity or perhaps ease uncertainties or help create steps to follow:

Schedule in Advance

Booking your photo session well in advance is crucial to securing your preferred date and time, especially during the peak graduation season. Morning or evening sessions are available, and once a date and time are decided upon, you’ll receive an invoice for your deposit to confirm your booking.


teen wearing a gown on paddle board, sunset teen portrait

Choosing the perfect location is key to capturing the essence of your graduate’s personality. We’ll discuss location options based on your preferences or my suggestions. This dialogue begins upon booking and may involve sharing sample images or asking more questions to ensure the final location is a comfortable choice for everyone involved.


Whether it’s the traditional cap and gown, formal attire, or casual wear, the outfit should reflect your grad’s personal style, making them feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot.

Accessories & Props

Consider bringing along accessories and props that showcase your interests and achievements. If vehicles like cars or motorcycles are part of the plan, we’ll need to consider location allowances, so the sooner I know about them, the better!

Bring Essentials

Pack essentials like comfortable shoes for walking, touch-up makeup, and any necessary change of clothing. Don’t forget umbrellas for everyone in case of unexpected weather changes!

Inclusion of Family Members

While the focus is on the graduate, I’m more than happy to capture a few images of immediate family members and grandparents within the allotted time frame. Just be ready to jump in when the moment strikes!

Editing & Delivery

After the photo shoot, I’ll prepare and share an online Proof Gallery for viewing and selection. Once you’ve made your final selections, I’ll retouch the images to enhance quality and aesthetics. The finished digital images will be delivered within three weeks (of final selections) through your online, shareable gallery for easy downloading.

Celebrate & Reflect!

Graduation photo shoots are about more than just capturing images; they’re about celebrating achievements, reflecting on experiences, and embracing the transition to the next chapter of life. Your photos will serve to remind you of the occasion for years to come!

I’d be honoured to celebrate this milestone with you, let’s get started!


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