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We help to communicate your business story through real images. Your curated portfolio of professional photos will be on-brand, multi-use and specifically yours. 

Social Media

Personalized, curated photographic stories igniting connection and a genuine following of eager customers on social media.


A headshot is a snapshot of you – your personality, your story, your moment. The only “perfect shot” is you being your true self. Leave the rest to me!

Food Photography

Food photography aims to “stop the scroll” by capturing the look, texture, and colour of the dishes in order to entice the viewer’s appetite.

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Brand Photography that Leaves a Lasting Impression


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have before we get started. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about Brand photography.

Your photos should look like you on a good day – but not on your best day! The general rule is that the person walking in the room should be the same person that’s in the photo.
Your outfit should be true to your brand, fit your personality, and make you feel confident. As a general rule, keep patterns to a minimum, and try and avoid logos, as they can be distracting. Solid colours are always a good call. Choose colours that work well with your skin tone and hair colour, and flatter your figure. We generally ask to avoid solid black or white outfits. Bring options along for layering or switch outs as well as changes of shoes! 

Relax and Have fun!  Be yourself, and don’t forget to breathe! Don’t worry about posing – just bring your awesome self, and be open to taking direction. Remember, this is all about you, and showcasing your personality in a photograph, so don’t worry about ‘getting it right’. Some direction may seem odd, or sound funny, but I have a few tricks to get the looks we want. The photos will look awesome!

Every business shoot is customized. More often than not, it’s a challenge for business owners to explain what they want visually so we begin with a discovery meeting. As a result of your input and guidance, I will be able to focus on what’s relevant to your business story versus what I am left to find and photograph on my own.

Yes! I have been fortunate to have worked alongside some fabulous stylists and makeup artists who I will happily share with you!