SnapHappy; /ˈsnæpˌhæp.i/

used to describe someone who likes to take a lot of photographs ​

The Snaphappy Photographer

Kim Mortimer

Owner & Principle Photographer

I respect lifestyle photography as an art, not an act.

Deeply inspired by capturing what’s considered “normal”, I find photographing a client in their day-to-day routine, or roaming behind-the-scenes of a production delivers the most rewarding images for me.

I work to show you that normal is absolutely perfect!

To keep things authentic, I indulge in natural lighting, comfortable environments and a “no expectations” attitude which sets the course to delivering my clients fun and natural images.

Let’s be real…while life happens!


And Beyond

Lifestyle Photography tells your story.

Lifestyle photography is a powerful medium that tells the story of your life in a unique way. Rather than posed or staged shots, lifestyle photography captures the moments and experiences that define your life, showcasing your personality, interests, and relationships. From candid shots of your family enjoying a meal together to snapshots of you pursuing your hobbies or traveling to new places, lifestyle photography gives viewers a window into your world.

By capturing the details of your everyday life, lifestyle photography creates a narrative that can be revisited time and time again. As you look back on these photos, you’ll be able to see not just what happened, but how it felt to be there – the emotions, the interactions, and the memories that make up your unique story. Whether you’re creating a photo album to share with loved ones or building your personal brand, lifestyle photography offers a powerful way to tell your story and share it with the world.

We have seen a massive difference in our social media attention when we use Kim's photos vs when we take the photos ourselves. We have had numerous people comment on the quality of our photos and how the food looks so delicious and have even had sales directly due to the quality of the photo. This is the most apparent in photos such as soup and stew which are typically hard to photograph however Kim has a way of making the food shine.

Main Street Eatery

Kim is a phenomenal photographer who goes above and beyond to connect with her clients. She's sweet, kind, authentic and gentle. Not to mention her keen golden eye, that captures the best of the best pictures!!


Kim is fantastic to work with. Makes you and your family feel super comfortable and at ease. She is always working with a smile 🙂


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